Don Leonard began his career within the pipeline industry in 1976.  Starting out as a crew member he learned the ground rules of  pipeline work.  He was an Electrician primarily, but over the years his work titles progressed to Electronic Instrument Technician (I.E. Tech), Lead Tech, Pipeline Inspector, Relief Supervisor, Safety Coordinator, Project Coordinator. He retired, after 27 years of service, from a well known oil and gas company in 2003. The one thing he found was lacking in this industry was a pipeline maintenance company that could be called to handle all aspects of the job, a “one stop shop” if you will.  There needed to be a company that knows the in and outs of the extremely rigorous safety expectations along with the level of expertise required in the industry.   One company that would get the job done safely and to perfection all while staying within and affordable pricing range.  Having the background and knowing what the customers are looking for, K&D Pipeline Services, Inc. was incorporated in April of 2009.  Starting out of his home with a three man crew, himself included, K&D Pipeline has expanded tremendously. On staff, K&D employs some of the most experienced and sought after welders, operators, supervisors, and labor crews in this area. We deeply value our employees and it shows through our work.  We are honored to be one of the lead contract maintenance companies to many oil, gas, energy, and construction corporations.

There is no end in sight with the potential growth of this company.  Overcoming obstacles along the way,  both Don and K&D Pipeline have demonstrated running an effective business while maintaining the highest quality of work, with safety being the top priority.  There is no limit to living the American dream.