Project Gallery

New 18″ Valves

Fresh paint and surface to ground interface on new valves just installed for crude service.

On an emergency call out from a 24 inch crude oil pipeline we ran into a unique and huge challenge.

The entire excavation had to be Hydro excavated to a working depth of 33 feet deep because of the many existing pipelines in the exact location.

Shoring boxes and sheet piling were used to get down to the damaged 24 inch existing directional drill pipe in order to weld on two half’s of full wrap for the permanent repair.

All work in the excavation including welding had to be done under supplied air and respirator because of the unsafe level of H2 S.

Clearing Right of Ways

Clearing right of way of timber or brush, chipping, grinding, hauling off material or tree trimming.

Pigging, Clearing, and Hydro-testing

  • Numerous directional drills across rivers, swamps, major freeways, etc. The longest directional drill out of several has been a 1200′ x 8″ pipe crossing the Colorado River.
  • Built metering skids from 2″ – 24″ pipe size
  • Rerouting pipeline lays from 1600′ of 8″ pipe in Sugar Land, Texas in August of 2012
  • In-service line lowering of 1100′ x 8″ pipeline in Richmond, Texas
  • Responding to major leaks/ruptures of existing pipeline.
  • Offshore
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • General work, emergency response work, completion projects, etc.