excavator digs a hole

  • Painting and sandblasting Trained and Experienced crews capable of any painting projects from tanks to station piping
  • Welding Certified and Experienced welders in-house or on location Carbon and Stainless
  • Hydrotesting Certified and Experienced in-house or on location
  • Fabrication Carbon and stainless
  • Pipe fitting Carbon and stainless
  • Pigging
  • Excavating We offer the best of the best operators on top of the line equipment
  • Clearing Right of Ways
  • Electrical work Certified and Experienced electricians
  • Build metering skids
  • Rerouting pipeline lays
  • In-service line lowering
  • Pipeline work- Upgrading stations, refineries, terminals, demolition and reconstruction, header manifolds, meter work, prover maintenance. Building and installing launchers and receivers
  • Emergency response work to major leaks/ruptures Anytime, anyplace we are equipped and available
  • Offshore work
  • Completion projects
  • Hauling We trust JM Resources with all of our hauling needs.